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The best thing about Christmas?… Christmas Parties! Well, we think so anyway. Some people dread them, but it’s a great excuse to get dressed up, have some good food and drink cocktails. All of us here at EST are a super friendly close knit team so we were all very much looking forward to our Christmas party. As everyone has similar interests it was very easy to find something that we would all enjoy (everyone likes alcohol, don’t they?)

We had high expectations of our office Christmas party. It had been planned since early October, cocktail masterclass at 29 Park Place, Cardiff then Dinner at Park House. Sounds like a lovely civilised evening don’t you think?

The cocktail masterclass is something that everyone has to do at least once. It was educational but at the same time feed us a ton of alcohol. 29 Park Place was the perfect location to host our masterclass experience. With their exclusive areas and private bar decorated to give our party a truly festive feel. Cheers Todd!


With our eyes a little glazed and bellies half full of cosmos we needed something to soak up the alcohol and get us through the rest of the night. We stumbled to Park House for our fancy three course Christmas dinner. From the moment we walked in we knew we were in for a culinary treat. Canapes in the wine bar and dinner in the restaurant, the scene was set in a beautiful gothic building. Dinner was delicious and even though we lost two key members of the team, Debs and Helen, we had a long night of jagerbombs and dancing ahead of us. So here are our top tips to avoid those office party blunders.

1. Don’t drink too much
You have been working hard all year you deserve a few drinks, sure. We’re just saying pace yourselves, shots of rum at 2pm may seem like a good idea at the time, but come 6pm at a posh restaurant - stumbling up the stairs is frowned upon...Maybe the midday rum wasn’t such a good idea Barry!

2. Dress appropriately
Christmas is a good excuse to go all out and get dressed up. Everyone in the office was very excited to put on their sparkly party dresses/suits and made a massive effort for the big day ahead - very glam and glitzy ready for the festive season.

Don’t wear anything too revealing - you’re not Kim Kardashian, a flash is not the way to getting a bigger payslip. Keep it classy.

3. Don’t drunkenly harass your co-workers
After those long days and late nights in the office it’s nice to let loose and have a drink. When you’re drunk you can do many things you wouldn’t usually do – like Danielle, making your co-worker Richard use her leg as a guitar or Hannah, dancing circles around Chelsea like a maypole.

It is all a little bit of fun, but never take it too far, you could make things awkward for yourself in work for the next couple of weeks.

4. Don’t embarrass yourself
As you spend nearly every day with your co-workers try not to do anything too embarrassing, you don’t want to risk saying inappropriate things or misbehaving. They will always find a way to mention it and will never let you forget that Christmas party. That’s right Hannah we will never let you forget falling over FOUR times!

5. Don’t pre-drink
As it was an early Christmas party and started at 2pm in the afternoon pre drinking would be such a silly idea right? But no…Not for Debs, Lauren or Rich who thought it was a great idea to start the pre-drinking two hours early.


With Christmas around the corner and work nearly finished, you have been working hard so enjoy the festive break, let your hair down and have a really great time!

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