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Here goes Blog number two! My motivation, my wife!

The understanding of the word mobile, in mobile phone, is lost to her, let alone the use of app integrations to her cloud accountancy software!

third party apps 2The amount of times I have had to stop her buying a filing cabinet (which I doubt would ever be used, as that is way too organised) to store information, has long been lost to memory.

The introduction of automation into her bookkeeping structure was a long and arduous process, however, I eventually rediscovered most of our kitchen worktop, table and even a whole other room!

The intervention happened when she discovered the amount of time it was taking to open mail, file documents, find previous letters, was taking up just as much time as it took to run all her classes!

The printer, coughed and spluttered, as the appearance of a scanning tray seemed to unfold and the discovery of holding information in a digital environment took flight!

Creating folders, saving documents, pdfs, scanned letters, anything you want, makes information considerably more accessible. Setting a good format for saving items saves a lot of trouble and the amount of physical space you need to hold your paperwork is reduced to a minimum.

From an accountancy perspective, when your year end, or vat quarter is up, an e-mail with all the required documents attached takes minutes to send across, as opposed to worrying about the delivery or sending of paperwork. No need to worry about the Royal Mail (other postal services available) losing your information, as backups mean you’re all safe and secure!

When I sat and went through apps that could help my wife run her business, I felt there was a lot of ‘Yes dear, No dear,’ going on, but I suppose you are here to actually read about some features that may help, so I have listed some helpful items below!

Receipt Bank

For me, Receipt Bank, is a business’s way of saying I hate doing my own bookkeeping!

Receipt Bank has an information holding area, all you do is upload your sale and purchase invoices and it processes them based on the settings you input. It can also put it into a nice spreadsheet or send it all across to Xero for you!

The nicest thing about it, is you take pictures of receipts, drag and drop pdfs, email items across, or for an extra charge, put all your information in an envelope and send it off to them to worry about!

GoCardless & Directli

Completing work is one thing, being paid can sometimes be a different matter. Getting your clients to agree to pay by Direct Debit, sounds lovely! Combining Xero with GoCardless and Directli, results in one easy invoicing process. All you have to do is raise an invoice (and do the work, obviously). You raise the invoice and the process takes place, the direct debit is created, the money is taken, the payment is allocated and you don’t have to think twice (not even once) about any bookkeeping!


When it comes to client satisfaction, being available is what matters to them. Timely gives your clients a more informed perspective of when they can get hold of you. They can hop onto your website or on their phone, and book in their own appointment if they want to! Setting up costs linking to activities, ties in nicely with the calendar, and puts you in a good position to evaluate, on an employee by employee basis on what’s getting done! When you create an appointment in the calendar, with a client and the associated charges, you can create an invoice off of the back of it, and the information is stored against the clients account until paid.

Every business is different, with different needs. What works for one might not work for another, and there’s no right or wrong answer, when it comes to what you are using. Everybody offers trials, and there certainly isn’t any harm in taking a look at what they offer. If you have any questions or use any apps that you recommend, please contact me through the links below.