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I have a three-year-old and for some unknown reason my not so little ball of destruction, has an affinity for receipts. Even to the extent that he has two money boxes; one for treasure, and the other for receipts. My wife became rather concerned at the thought she’d have to put up with another version of me!
Luckily for her, it turns out that he isn’t diligently keeping them in case HMRC ever want to know how much we’ve spent in Tesco’s this week (or how much I’ve spent in McDonalds!). He thinks of them as treasure maps! A slightly more exciting perspective on receipts, however, I’m not sure that every person in business has the same view!

rich estI’ve had receipts from all sorts of industries, my favourite being a butcher, scraps of meat had fallen in amongst the receipts, and were essentially pork scratchings after the nine month drying process!

With the development of Xero, the add-on network is ever expanding! The processing of receipts does seem to be one of the slowest processes when getting information into Xero. However, there are some product offerings which luckily enough can speed up this process!
The two products that I come across on a regular basis are, Receipt Bank and Datamolino! Both products provide the availability to scan receipts and purchase invoices directly into Xero. The entry methods range from taking pictures on an App through to linking a Dropbox folder! Once you have setup the way in which something gets processed once, it processes the information and takes into consideration line items! All the information is then available for a quick check before being pushed across to Xero!

It eases businesses towards a paperless workplace, allowing receipts to be thrown away – don’t worry, once entered copies of these receipts are stored within the platforms should HMRC ever come calling!

The above products should claw back some of your time to actually run your business!

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