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1. Tea!
Always have a cuppa on hand no one is sad when they have a constant cup of tea at their desk, unless you're Barry with a coffee!
2. Taking the Mick out of your Boss!
Nothing is more amusing than making everyone laugh with a joke about your boss, but when he’s there of course!
MH 281015 Est 383. Make Friends!
You will have a sad old life at the office if you don’t like any of your colleagues or unless they just don’t like you.
4. Nights Out!
Nothing better than a night out where there’s no stress everyone can let their hair down and still take the mick out of the boss...unless it’s his round.
5. Lunches Out of the Office!
I might take the mick out of my boss but he does have some great ideas such as taking us out for lunch, who doesn’t love free food?
6. Lunch in the Office!
Always spend your lunch with the people you like, tends to break up the day.
7. Make a Good First Impression!
If you don’t make a good first impression then everyone is just going to hate you forever and will never forgive you for the ‘thing’ you did on the 27th of October 1999 at 12:03.
8. Never Bite!
If you bite at a joke then everyone is always going to annoy you about it for a very long time.
9. Steal People’s Food!
Someone else’s food is always nice than your own and it’s a good way to make another joke to liven the atmosphere at the office, unless they don’t mind then the food just doesn’t taste as good.
10. And Last but not least!
Always try to have fun if you’re a grump at the office, you’re going to have the worst day all day every day. Just lighten up.

Why I love working at EST

EST has a great atmosphere every day, everyone gets on well and always has a great day at the office. I seem to get on well with everyone but I’ve only been here three weeks so we’ll see! The fact that the team do many different things together such as lunches, nights out and parties is great way for team bonding and bringing everyone closer. I also like the fact that everyone who works at EST has the opportunity to progress in many different areas. Everyone attends courses so that they can fetch something new to the company as we are always looking for improving and progression of the business.