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So for all you Xero sceptics that magically never seem to be able to find things. There is no need to worry any longer! No more lost sleep!

Xero have introduced a – Global Search Function!

Now, when you discover that crumpled up receipt stuffed into your partners, mothers, cousin’s handbag, you can have a quick search in Xero to make sure it’s in there.

Up on the top right, there is now a magnifying glass, when you click it, a box pops up that lets you search all the information in Xero from contacts to bank transactions.

One of the other benefits of the new search function is the shortcuts they’ve included!

To open up the search just press forward slash (/)

Then from there you can jump to different screens with letters. The letters are:-

Shortcut key 'All' screens and dashboard 'Add new' screens
c All contacts Add new contact
i All invoices Add new invoice
b All bills Add new bill
q All quotes Add new quote
p All purchase orders Add new purchase order
a All bank accounts -
d Dashboard -

All you have to do is press (/) then the corresponding shortcut letter and enter, and you will be on the page!

The search function helps, especially if you want to find if a specific invoice or a bill, to make sure it has been paid!