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Did your eyes brighten at the word prosecco and then glaze over at accreditation? We’ll forgive you. All of us here at EST are thrilled to have been recognised as an ACCA gold standard approved employer, especially because we value our own people as much as we value our clients (speaking of which, did you see we recently launched a new HR division?).

What this accreditation means

*Ego stroke.* This is official recognition that we are committed to giving our trainees learning and professional development opportunities, and we’re very proud of that. The way we see it is that if our staff are equipped with as much knowledge and skills as possible, they can do their job to the best of their ability. And that means you’re getting the best of their brains on your accounts.

This accreditation is also a stamp of approval from a very important body (they’ve got capital letters in their name so they must be important - wink) that we reach a training standard that’s benchmarked globally. So you can be sure that we’re not a bunch of cowboys who 1) can’t add up or 2) do accounts like it’s 1983.

If you fancy popping the prosecco with us to celebrate, you can at our next networking event. Details coming soon!

Disclaimer - we promise we don’t drink prosecco on the job.