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Behind every successful business is a team of great staff who work hard every day to make it successful! Your staff and their pay is as important to us as our staff (and we love our staff).    
Your people have to get paid, and you need to ensure you pay them what they deserve - the right amount at the right time. Miss the mark and you risk facing an army of unhappy employees and the wrath of HMRC. Having someone to manage all the behind-the-scenes procedural aspects of payroll for you every month like clockwork means you can keep your staff happy without the stress.

Payroll services

When it comes to our payroll services, we can do a little or a lot. Here are some of the ways we help business owners just like you:

•    process and calculate all payroll data for PAYE, National Insurance and other statutory requirements
•    administration of new starters, leavers and produce P45s
•    produce monthly BACS file each pay period
•    submission of Real Time Information (RTI) sent to HMRC after every submission and not just once a year
•    produce payslips – manual, internal or OpenPayslips. OpenPayslips is a revolutionary new way for you and your employee’s to access their payslips online via an app
•    production of payroll summaries
•    calculation and production of PAYE liability on a month by month basis
•    complete year-end returns and production of P60s

With our unlimited ongoing support, you will have assurance that you’re fulfilling your duties in line with the ever changing legislation.


Auto-enrolment has been one of the buzzwords of employment since the new legislation landed in October 2012, and it means that all eligible bachelors employees have to be enrolled automatically into a qualifying pension scheme. You, as an employer, will have a specific Staging Date (which we can provide to you), by which time all of those eligible employees must be enrolled.

Auto-enrolment setup – What we can do for you

We can help you with all your legal obligations and duties, to help you through the journey of Auto-enrolment.

Preparation is key with Auto-enrolment; you should start preparing and implementing systems at least 6 months in advance. When it comes to preparation, we can:

•    handle the whole online setup process for you
•    do all of the auto-enrolment planning on your behalf
•    nominate contacts for your business, so employees know who to talk to if they need
•    set up milestone dates so you never miss a deadline
•    get the whole system primed for implementation  

Ongoing auto-enrolment services

Never let an employee fall through the cracks. Setup is only the first step. Once the system is ready to use, we can handle the implementation of it too, so that your employee enrolment is kept properly up to date. Every payroll period we will:

•    run your auto-enrolment assessments
•    send the pension files to the appropriate pension provider
•    distribute auto-enrolment pension letters, payslips, and P60s to your staff

To make your life even easier, you can have our payroll and auto-enrolment services all rolled into one. Thanks to our super smart software, we can assess your employees as part of the payroll process, and auto-enrol them into the correct pension scheme. It also allows employees to access any pension communications, payslips, and P60s directly through their smart phone or tablet, meaning you don’t have to bear the administrative burden of distributing them.

Have us make payroll and/or auto-enrolment feel brighter and breezier - and never worry whether you’re on the right side of the law again – Book your FREE Auto-enrolment assessment by calling us on 02921 303888.