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Getting Started with Xero

Xero accounting software has quick and easy setup process. This means your business continues to run smoothly right from the point you start using Xero.

Connecting Xero to your Bank Account

Xero accounting software is all about making tedious tasks like bank reconciliation easier.

Bank rec used to mean manually entering your bank activity and then having to make sure the end result agreed with your actual bank balance.

Bank feeds bring the activity into Xero automatically, allowing you to record and reconcile your transactions in one swoop, so you always have a complete, up to date view of your business.

Bank feeds help you get the best out of Xero, brining a whole new level of automation to accounting

Bank reconciliation in Xero

Xero is designed to automatically import your bank, credit card and PayPal transactions using bank feeds to make reconciling your bank accounts faster and easier.

Before now, you had to take your bank statement and manually entered the transactions into your desktop accounting software. Then you needed to perform a reconciliation to make sure the two balances agreed.

Xero has simplified this process. Your bank statement is already in your software. Login and see your imported statement on the left, waiting to match your accounting transactions on the right.

What's more, should you ever get stuck, you can easily collaborate with your accountant. Xero gives you the option to leave a question for them, which they'll see the next time they log in.

Sales and online invoicing in Xero

Xero accounting software helps make your sales and invoicing process easy to manage. Even invoicing your clients and getting paid is a fast and seamless process.

With Xero, when you email your customer an invoice, they can access it online and pay in a few seconds with the click of a button. If they use Xero too, they can even save the invoice directly into their Xero organisation. It's the magic of online invoicing.

There's plenty you can do to keep track of your sales in Xero. Simply head to the accounts menu and selects 'Sales' to get to the sales dashboard. The graphs and charts make it easy to see who owes what and when it's due – so you know who needs to be followed up.

Manage bills and purchases in Xero

Managing your bills and purchases in Xero accounting software helps you stay organised, stay on top of cashflow and pay your suppliers on time.

The Purchases tab in Xero gives a complete, easy-to-understand overview of your bills and purchase orders. Here you can create a new bill, repeating bill or purchase order.

Source documents can be uploaded to attach or simply drag-and-dropped in. Bills can be saved as a draft, submitted for approval, sent off and even batch-paid


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